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Matthias Farnsworth

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Birth  6 Aug 1690  Groton, Massachusetts 
Sex  Male 
Person ID  I5977  Default Tree 
Last Modified  08 Jan 2006 
Father  Matthias Farnsworth, b. Jan 1649 
Mother  Sarah Nutting, b. 29 May 1663, Groton, MA 
Group Sheet  F1890  Default Tree 
Family 1  Catherine Charpentier, b. Abt 1692 
Married  2 Oct 1713  Riviere-des-Prairies, Quebec Canada 
Group Sheet  F1972  Default Tree 
  • Claude-Mathias* Fanef (Born Matthias Farnsworth)
    Ancestor of the
    * In French, " Matthias " is written with only one " T ".

    The story of the Phaneuf family starts on October 2, 1713, at Rivière-des-Prairies with the wedding of Catherine Charpentier and Claude-Mathias Fanef, born Farnsworth 1 . All the Phaneuf living in Québec and all those around the world are issued from this union.

    The parents of Catherine, Gilles dit Jean Charpentier and Françoise Hunault got married on April 22, 1691, at Rivière-des-Prairies 2 . Even if some records were lost by fire or otherwise, everything makes us believe that Catherine was the first child of the Charpentier and that she was born about 1692, probably at Rivière-des-Prairies. The grand-parents of Catherine, Jean Charpentier dit Lapaille and Barbe Renaud were married in Québec. Jean came from Veulettes-sur-Mer, Pays de Caux, Ar. Dieppe, Archev. Rouen in Normandie, where lived the great-grand-parents of Catherine, Cyprien Charpentier and CatherineThérelle. Barbe was the daughter of Vincent Renaud and Marie Martin from Notre-Dame-de-Cogne, LaRochelle in Aunis 3.

    Claude-Mathias Fanef was born "Matthias Farnsworth", at Groton, Massachusetts, on August 6, 1690 (old style calendar in use then in New England) 4 . He was the sixth child of Matthias Farnsworth (Matthias II) and Sarah Nutting, who got married at Groton, Massachusetts on March 1st, 1681 15 .
    The grandfather of Claude-Mathias had the same first name Matthias (Matthias I) and he was the first Farnsworth of the ascendant line to cross over to New England. He was born in England around July 20, 1615 in the Manchester area, Lancashire county 16 .

    This is probably the place where he got married, but the name of his wife is unknown. The couple had three children: Elizabeth, Matthias Jr and John. Supposedly all born in England. In 1655, this first of our Farnsworth ancestor in America, was living in the surroundings of Lynn, Massachusetts, where he married a second time, to Mary Farr with whom he had eight children. Around 1660 he settled in Groton Massachusetts with his family. He was a pioneer of this town incorporated in 1655, and occupied important posts in that community 5 .

    Matthias III, who became "Claude-Mathias Fanef" owing to the force of circumstances, has not known his grandfather who died the previous year to his birth. He was only three year old when his father Matthias II, died in 1693. His mother married again with John Stone, on December 7, 1698, at Concord, Massachusetts, and they stayed in Groton, where two halfbrothers of Matthias were born (John, 1699 and James, 1701) 6.

    In those days, New France and New England were continuously in war. The Indian tribes were divided between the two parties, according to their economical interests.
    When the young Matthias III was captured by the Indians allied to the French, he and thirteen other men were reaping in a field at Groton. Nowhere else, in a written document of Groton, it is mentioned that someone else of the family was either captured, wounded or killed in a skirmish or an attack. Only two implied in the skirmish with about twenty Indians that day, somebody by the name of Butterfield who managed to escape somehow, sometime 5 , and another man were captured. It appears that Matthias was that other man brought in captivity in New France. Nobody else from Groton was captured during the summer 1704 7 .

    The Indians who captured him on August 11 (Gregorian calendar) , brought him to Montréal, more precisely in their tribe of Sault-au-Récollet. Matthias stayed captive of the Indians at the Sault until the end of 1705 or early in 1706. He was then bought by the Sulpicians, in fact by sir François Vachon de Belmont and he was baptized on January 10, 1706 8. His godfather was Governor Claude de Ramezay (origin of Claude added to his first name) and his godmother, Elisabeth Souart, wife of Charles Lemoyne sieur de Longueuil.They tried to franchify his name according to the english phonetic of the time. This gave"Farneth" for his baptism, then "Fanef" at his wedding. After many variations (Farnets,Fairnout, Fanef, Phaneffe, Faneffe, Faneuf) according to the caprice of the scribes, it is only in 1755 that it was spelled "Phaneuf" for the first time in the registers ofPointe-aux-Trembles 2 . Claude-Mathias asked for his naturalization on October 30, 1706 17 . He will obtain it inMay 1710 9 . He worked for the Sulpicians until around 1711. In acknowledgment for his services, he obtained from Sir de Belmont a valuable estate at Rivière-des-Prairies, including land, house and farm buildings, on July 19, 1711 10.
    October 2nd. 1713

    October 2, 1713, is a great day for Claude-Mathias, he got married to the girl of his neighbour, Catherine Charpentier 11 . They lived happily at Rivière-des-Prairies where they brought up ten of their twelve children (two boys died at a very young age). The ten children got married and gave them a total of 115 grandchildren (110 were born before the death of Claude-Mathias) 18 . The "Fanef" name was assured by six boys. Joseph settled in Ste-Rose, while the others, Claude, François, Jean-Baptiste, Paul and Pierre, settled successively in St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu. The four girls settled in Ste-Rose. As it was the case for their ancestors, they were pioneers of these villages12. When their children were brought up, being lonely, near the end of their life, Catherine and Mathias joined their sons in St-Antoine. According to the 1765 census, they were probably living with Jean-Baptiste family 13. Mathias died on August 8, 1773 at the age of 83, and Catherine on June 29, 1777, probably at the age of 85. They were both buried in Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu 14. Today we find their descendants not only in Québec, but also in other provinces of Canada, as well as in the United States and Europe.

    Also Source for Birth" Groton Ma Early records http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jdevlin/ma/groton_ma_early.htm
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